Wrigglebum Nappy Change Harness

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The Wrigglebum nappy change harness is designed for babies who just. wont. lie. still during nappy changes!

If your baby is a crocodile roller or wriggly worm then this is the device you've been praying for.

The Wrigglebum reduces your baby's ability to roll, wriggle and squirm making nappy changes so much quicker and easier - no more wrestling and pinning them down!

It is super quick and easy to fit, adjust and fasten. It attaches to your change table with secure clips and once fitted there is just one clip around bubs and you're good to go. Easily attach a toy to the harness to distract them.

The Wrigglebum is One Size Fits All, is fully adjustable and fits most change tables and baby change mats.

It is machine washable and portable.

Please note: the Wrigglebum is not a safety device. Never leave baby unattended. For detailed instructions on how to use the Wrigglebum see our FAQs page here.


~ Fits most change tables and change mats with a maximum circumference of 90-137cm

~ designed for babies ages 4-18 months (can be used on toddlers up to 24+ months depending on their size)

~ maximum chest circumference 57cm


Wrigglebum Nappy Change Harness