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RAWr Hemp Terry Prefold 6 pack

RAWr Hemp Terry Prefolds - 6 pack

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RAWr's prefolds are made from durable and environmentally friendly hemp terry. They are made with a generous width and have natural elasticity for most folds. They are soft, breathable and 20-30% more absorbent than cotton prefolds. Easy to clean, quick drying and can be dried in the dryer if required.

Seven layers of absorbency is achieved when tri-folded due to the double thickness of the outer 2 panels and 3 layers in the middle panel. They are designed to be pad folded and placed inside a 360 cover, other PUL covers or inside a pocket.

This prefold is perfect for stuffing into a 360 cover. Size 1 will fit on the small and medium setting from birth to approximately 12 months. Size 2 will fit on the medium and large rise settings, approximately 6 to 30 months.

Size 1 - 35cm x 35cm

Size 2 - 39cm x 42cm

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