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Mixed Prefolds Pack

Prefolds Mixed Pack

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Prefolds are an affordable way to cloth nappy. Pad fold, Angel fold or use them to boost! They are super versatile and easy to use on newborns. Once your child has grown out of them as a prefold, they can be used as boosters and inserts in other nappies.

Prefolds tend to come in a 2/4/2 configuration with 2 layers on each side panel and 4 layers through the centre panel. This provides up to 8 layers of absorbency.

~ fasten with a Snappi or lay in a water-resistant cover

~ use as a pocket insert or inside an all in two shell.

This pack includes a mix of different sizes and fabrics:

1 x Bubblebubs Bamboo prefold (small)

1 x Bubblebubs Cotton prefold (infant)

1 x RAWr Hemp Terry prefold (size 2)

1 x Seedling Diversifold bamboo viscose/cotton (multi sized)