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Fudgey Pants offer a unique One Size Fits Most nappy that offers great functionality. You choose how the nappy is arranged - whether that be as an All in One (with inbuilt absorbency), as an All in Two (by adding more inserts snapped in and laid on top) or as a Pocket nappy (stuff more absorbency in the pocket).

The outer shell has a Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) waterproof layer. A double row of tummy snaps allows the nappy to sit around the belly button and crossover tabs will ensure it will fit the smallest of newborns. Hip snaps stop the wings from drooping down.

The interior has a pocket with soft microfleece that acts as a stay dry liner. It also has a PUL panel at the front of the nappy to keep tummies dry. You'll find an internal double gusset to contain potential leaks out of the legs. Additional inserts can be snapped into the nappy to stop them from moving around.

Additional absorbency come as an insert and booster combo comprising of either Bamboo/Hemp, Bamboo/Microfibre or Hemp night weight.


~ Purchase your shell ($21)

~ Add your absorbency 

   - Bamboo/Microfibre set 

   - Bamboo/Hemp set

   - Hemp Overnight set 


Bamboo/Microfibre ~ two outer layers Bamboo Terry, two inner layers Microfibre

Bamboo/Hemp ~ two outer layers Hemp, two inner layers Bamboo Terry

Hemp Overnight ~ four layers Hemp topped with Microsuede


~ OSFM 3-16kg

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Insert Composition

Microfibre & Bamboo ~ 2 outer layers of bamboo terry, 2 internal layers of microfibre (fast drying)

Bamboo & Hemp ~ 2 external layers of hemp, 2 internal layers of bamboo terry (more absorbent)

Hemp with Microsuede (for overnights) ~ four layers of hemp with stay dry layer on top (heavy wetters)


OSFM ~ 3kg-16kg

Fudgey Pants Originals