Disana Ox-Gall Soap


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Disana Ox-Gall soap is used when a wool shampoo for stain removal is no longer sufficient.

Gently applied to the stain and carefully rubbed in, Gall soap removes any organic contaminants from wool and silk items when washed in clear water.

As a concentrate and intended only for the targeted removal of stains, a few drops are sufficient to remove stubborn stains from sensitive substances.

Ox-Gall soap is composed of raw materials from organic farming making it a gentle, eco-friendly alternative to harsh laundry soakers.

Perfect for use on wool and silk items that cannot tolerate high heat.


~ 200ml


~ Cocamidopropyl betaine, mipa laureth sulfate, lactic acid, ox-gall concentrate, canola potassium salt, aqua.


~ Treat tough stubborn dry stains with ox-gall soap then wash out as usual

~ Do a colour-fast test beforehand

Disana Ox-Gall Soap