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Close Pop-In Newborn Pack

Close Pop-In Newborn Pack

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The Close Newborn nappy pack has everything a new parent needs to start using cloth nappies from birth. It is an easy, affordable and comfortable way to bridge the gap between tiny newborn and OSFM nappies.

Designed especially for newborns and premature babies, the Pop In Newborn pack can be used straight from birth.

With a uniquely designed front section that is contoured to sit below the umbilical cord rather than over it, the nappy itself is much slimmer and intended for the lower wetting, more frequency changing those first few weeks bring.


~ The soaker is double sided giving you the option of 100% soya, known as vegetable cashmere, or stay dry suede cloth against baby's delicate skin.

~ The PUL cover is an easy-to-wipe-clean and reuse wrap that features double gussets to hold in those runny breastfed poos and easy Velcro closure.


~ 2kg - 5.5kg (approx.)

This pack contains:

~ 6 outer shells

~ 10 soakers

*The pastel colours vary due to stock availability*