My name is Hayley and I fell in love with Modern Cloth Nappies when I stumbled across them during my first pregnancy. From that day on I spent countless hours researching everything there is to know about cloth. Once my girl arrived we used cloth full time from day 4 and never looked back.

What I have found most startling since starting this journey are the misconceptions around the use of cloth. Visions of stinky nappies soaking in buckets of bleach and Napisan make people cringe and put them off before they ever get the chance to see how rewarding and beneficial cloth can be.

My how things have changed!

I started this business to spread the word about the benefits and ease of modern cloth use. The environmental impact of disposable nappies alone is alarming. Every disposable ever used is still laying in landfill and will be there for the next 500 years. When I think about how many each child uses in their 2-3 years before toilet training it makes my stomach turn. Multiply that by millions of babies....

The other amazing factor is the cost, or lack of. Each family will typically spend $2000-$3000 on each child using disposables. Alternatively, a full stash of cloth nappies costs as little as $600 and will last all of your babies, not to mention they can then be sold on for a great return.

The laundering side of things is often seen as time consuming and dirty. Dry pail methods have reduced the time parents are spending in the laundry. Rinsing poo nappies can be relatively easy, and lets be honest, as a parent you will spend time cleaning poo regardless!

So if you are interested in hearing more about the wonderful world of cloth, contact me for more information or book a consultation (Adelaide and surrounding suburbs)