Disana Wool Cover

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Made of especially fine, soft Merino wool, Disana woollen covers are suitable even for very small children. Their high knitted waistband not only stops leaks, it keeps babys tummy lovely and warm, helping prevent wind. The woollen covers absorb excess urine, which binds with the lanolin and the natural wax on wool fibres, leaving odours neutralised. So if they have just got a little damp it is enough to leave it to dry out in the fresh air.

Thanks to the natural self-cleaning function of the wool fibres, the pants are left hygienically clean. If all the lanolin in the woollen cover is used up, or if the pants have been cleaned, lanolin must be added again. The woollen covers then stop leaks again for several days or weeks.

Made in Germany


No other fibre provides more positive effects on our body than wool. Wool warms up, cools down, calms down, heals and stimulates.

In our woollen overpants, wool absorbs moisture from the nappy inside the fibre and dispenses it as water vapour. Therefore, the woollen overpants keep the nappy system dry without feeling wet itself. 

All covers are made from especially fine wool from Merino sheep.

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~ late February 2022


~ 100% Bio-organic Merino wool

Size Age range Child's Height
Extra Small ** 0-3 months 50-56cm
Small 3-6 months 62-68cm
Medium 6-12 months 74-80cm
Large 12-24 months 86-92cm
Extra Large 2-3 years 98-104cm
XX Large ** 4-5 years 110-116cm


*size up if in doubt*

** available in Natural colour only

~ Air out your cover between uses unless soiled. You should only need to wash fortnightly or monthly depending on how often the cover is used.

~ Gently wash your wool cover with Disana Wool Shampoo in lukewarm water (note: hot water will shrink wool). Press out excess water.

~ melt a pea-sized amount of lanolin in hot water or simply use Disana lanolin. Add to lukewarm water and massage into the cover paying close attention to the wet zone. If using regular lanolin allow to soak for 4 hours, if using Disana lanolin it won't require soaking. Gently press out excess water - do not wring.

~ allow to dry flat, turning every few hours. 

~ for stubborn stains try Disana Ox-Gall Soap

Disana Wool Cover

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic woolen cover

I love my new Disana woolen cover. Fits perfectly over bub’s nappy and is soft and snuggly on the tummy. Has stopped those pesky overnight leaks. The customer service was also great :) Would highly recommend!

Caitlin Lloyd
Disana wool covers

I bought the Disana woolies and RawR Soakmaster nappies for night time. LOVE them! No leaks, no smells, no marks on baby. The covers are great over other terry flats and night nappies too. Wonderful customer service from Fluffy Bum's too ☺️